Skill Will Bring Success


The theme for this book is a Bible verse from Ecclesiastes 10:10. It says: “If an ax is dull and its edge is unsharpened more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.”

One of the keys to succeeding in life is you have to be skilled. You could be the hardest working person on the planet. You could be the most sincere person in the world, but if you don’t have the right life skills you cannot succeed in life. Moreover, the more skillful you become the more successful you’ll be.

In this book, Mike Prah draws from the lives of winners like Moses, David, Nehemiah, Joseph, Job, Solomon, Peter and others to present a compelling prescription for personal growth and success. Mike teaches proven skills you’ll need in order to achieve emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, vocational and relational success.

Mike gives you actionable steps to lead to your victory. You will be uplifted by his practical presentation of timeless truth in an easy to read, fun style.

Come soar with the winners and fly higher than your wildest dreams!

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May God use this book for His intended purpose!