LifeGroup Leader Expectations


Thank you for your interest in serving as a LifeGroup Leader in LSC.  Below are the roles and expectations of a LifeGroup Leader.


The role of the Life Group leader is to help people grow in their faith by gathering together to study God’s word, share God’s love and support each other spiritually.



• Invite new people to your group
• Lead the weekly LifeGroup meeting
• Facilitate christian care among your LifeGroup team and the church as a whole
• Invest in a potential leader
• Promote unity within the church



• Invite people to attend your LifeGroup
• Remind members periodically of LifeGroup meeting to spark interest
• Spend time to pray and prepare for the weekly meeting
• Lead a weekly meeting that includes:
o Interactive Bible Study Discussion
o Open sharing
o Prayer

• Contact group members often to demonstrate that you care
• Invest in a potential leader by encouraging a member of your LifeGroup to take on a new responsibility
• Record and submit Weekly Life Group report to Pastor Mike via church website




By committing to serve as a LifeGroup Leader, you will be viewed by those in your group as a leader in our church. This document is a standard of conduct for leaders at LSC. It should not be considered lightly and dismissed as “red-tape” neither should it be seen as a way of “weeding out” people from leadership. It simply states what we’ve established goals for leaders at LSC to strive for as their standard of conduct.

By providing an example in speech and action, we as leaders encourage others to grow in Christ and become servant-leaders themselves. This is a way of life measured by the heart and commitment of each leader in the LSC family. We should regard this covenant as an essential part of our spiritual development, not as an imposition or restriction.


I will strive for personal integrity

…by supporting the core beliefs and values of Life and Salvation Church.

…by maintaining sexual purity.

…by not drinking alcohol.

…by committing to honesty in my personal and professional conduct.

…by not causing others to stumble. (I understand that as a leader my personal freedoms are trumped by my responsibility to be a good example and role model for others. Leadership is ultimately about serving.)


I will protect the unity of our church

…by supporting senior leadership of our church and ministry volunteers.

…by refusing to gossip, complain, or participate in conversations where others gossip or complain.


I will support the mission of Life and Salvation Church

…by praying for and inviting others.

…by warmly welcoming guests.

…by living my life in a way that honors God and points others to Him.



I will support the ministry of Life and Salvation Church

…by attending church services and leadership meetings regularly.

…by giving Tithe offerings regularly.

…by serving the church and community.



I will be a catalyst for great life groups

…by faithfully attending my group.

…by fostering and facilitating relationships.

…by investing in my own personal spiritual growth and the growth of others.

…by caring for the members of my group.

…by preparing for my group each week.

…by praying for my group each week.