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Daniel Fast – January 10 to January 30, 2019

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A Message from Pastor Mike Prah

God’s Word teaches that many people throughout the Bible fasted regularly. The Book of Acts confirms that one of the keys to personal renewal, fruitful evangelism, and overall effectiveness in ministry is fasting with prayer. When they wanted to see souls saved and lives changed, the early church fasted.

When they wanted to minister to the needs of people with supernatural power and effectiveness, the first believers fasted.

When they needed miraculous provision, they fasted. In fact, whenever they faced personal or corporate challenges that required God’s intervention, they fasted … and God answered!

And today, almost 2,000 years later, fasting with prayer remains the key to divine breakthrough!
It’s for all these reasons that I’m inviting our church family to come together and seek the Lord with one heart, one voice and one intention through a special season of prayer and fasting.

The Daniel Fast—as described in the E-book below —is a 21-day fast modeled after the example of Daniel. I have followed the Daniel Fast over the years as our Church has embarked on this journey and I found these three weeks to be an incredible spiritual experience as the Holy Spirit have moved in new ways throughout my lives. I want you to be a part of this amazing journey for your personal uncommon breakthrough!

Will you join with me and many others as we join our hearts together for three weeks to seek breakthrough from God? As our congregation comes together in one passion and direction, I can’t imagine the Kingdom power and authority unleashed among us for God’s glory. Yes, God will do great things among us now and for generations to come as we diligently call out to Him.

The links below provide biblical resources to help your understanding and participation.

Nothing is impossible with God,

Pastor Mike Prah

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